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Why we do what we do

Dutch entrepreneur Richard Wolfe struggled for years, trying and failing to manage his own productivity. He was driven to attend time-management courses, test an array of productivity products and join planning and discussion groups. He tried a lot of different methods, and a lot of them failed…but eventually he began to notice that other people around him were struggling even more. His experiences had given him insights he could now share.

I was looking for a solution that would meet the challenges of the rapidly changing work space, so it had to be a set of habits that are fast and will last!

- Richard Wolfe

Email Handyman
Richard founded Email Handyman in 2009 in response to the frustrations he felt with the overly complicated, too-theoretical email-management programs that existed at the time. He founded Email Handyman with the goal of making good email management more accessible for the people who want a solution that doesn’t take a lot of work.

Over the following years the customers learnt to appreciate the simple approach of Email Handyman and requested training in other countries as well. This has resulted in a search of likeminded training experts all around the world and now we can provide our method in most continents and several languages.

Other stuff

Of course we did not try to reinvent the wheel. A lot of other great experts were a source of inspiration for our approach and continue to influence how we do our training. Check out the work of some of these leaders:

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